Day 18

We had an unexpected and unwelcome guest in our tent this morning. We thought the cicadas were louder than normal and it turned out one had somehow broken in to our inner sanctum and taken refuge in our doona. We don’t know how long he had been there but after Joy found him he did not last long and he was ushered, or should I say thrown out, back to his mates. That was a close encounter we did not want but an hour or so later we had some which were highly memorable. We went to the pet porpoise pool, an interactive park which allows you to get close up and personal with dolphins, seals, turtles and big, big fish. Both Joy and I have been to Sea World in Florida but this, for us, was better – purely because it was a more personal experience. Before the show we were able to get a kiss from a seal and a dolphin.  The show was the usual tricks but somehow it seemed the audience was more involved as it was a small park. And involved is what I got as I was picked to take part in the show with three others. I had to feed a dolphin which jumped high in the air. They threatened to release the pin on the gang-plank but unfortunately they did not and I stayed dry, which was a shame as it was a hot day and it would have been great to swim with the dolphins. We did have a swim in the afternoon at Sapphire Beach which is just a short stroll from our tent. I wouldn’t say it was a swim more of a dip where we got thrown around by some big waves. It was a bit colder than the other day but refreshing nonetheless. We came out of the surf and I am sure I heard Joy say I looked like Daniel Craig (in the Bond film Casino Royale). But on second thoughts maybe she said I should go and see Jenny Craig (the diet guru). After our swim the stroll back to the tent became more of a sprint as the sand was so hot it was burning our feet. I felt like Dudley Moore in the film 10 (remember that scene on the beach?). It had been a hot day but reports on local radio suggested a storm was brewing. We battened down the hatches and sure enough the storm arrived about tea time. It is still raining a little as I write but hopefully we have seen the worst. Watch this space. I hope people have had a look back at previous blogs. Most days have pictures now attached.


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