Day 17

We had a lie in today on our second day of chilling out after all our driving exertions of the past two weeks. Coffs Harbour is a great place to take it easy and after a morning of not much at all we took the short drive to the big banana.

Phil trying to show his strength

This is not just a big Aussie icon like the rest, there is something of a small theme park. There is a small water slide place – mainly for kids – a couple of movie shows about – you guessed it – bananas. There is the obligatory souvenir shop and cafe – cashing in on the banana again and there is, somewhat surprisingly given the climate, an ice skating rink and a toboggan run. The toboggan is a thing like your own little rollercoaster where you get winched up the run and come down via your own joystick which governs your pace on the other side. 

After our what now seems like our daily ice cream – banana of course – we set off for Nambucca Heads for lunch. We had heard it was a nice place, and it is pretty, right on the estuary. But apparently there has been a bit of trouble lately at night-time forcing a couple of cafes to only open in the day. On the drive back we stopped off hoping for a swim at Sawtell after driving through a little place called Toormina which is also pretty. Sawtell’s beach is a big bay and perfect for surfing but sadly not for a relaxing dip. It was a windy day, too, so we just settled for the camp pool instead, which is one of the more cleaner and deeper ones we have seen on our travels. I am writing this blog at about 10pm eastern summer time and once again our friendly neighbourhood possums are back. True to form they have been here – the camp kitchen – the same time each night. They are obviously used to us humans and one even came and sat on the laptop last night just staring at me and no amount of shooing on my part would move him on. It was as if he was saying ‘Oi mate you taking the piss, this is my territory’. They are not the only wildlife in this tropical-style park. Birds are in abundance and as I said last night, cicadas and their discarded skins are also everywhere. 

Look closely at the tree trunk

Ugly looking critters aren't theyThe mossies, too, are out in force and my feet – once again – have taken a battering. The bugs – cockroaches, beetles etc etc are also supersized as we are heading towards more tropical climes. I will, therefore, get going as I am downloading some more pictures tonight.


One Response to “Day 17”

  1. Lorraine Clarke Says:

    BIGGER BUGS you should have seen the size on the spider in my living area, it was doing a lap of honour then running underneath the xmas tree, I think he might be living in the presents !! ( maybe yours ) I tried spraying the spider spray around but I dont see no dead bodies !! x

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