Day 16

We were serenaded by thousands of cicadas and had a good night’s sleep. We woke early determined to have a lazy day. We did, however, drive 80km to Grafton to check the town out. I had applied for a job there but had no reply from application. Thankfully – as it turned out – Grafton did not appeal to us at all. The river Clarence is spectacular and flows through the middle of the town. But apart from that there were no redeeming features. In fact, the place needed a total revamp to bring it into the 21st century. We both believe in fate and something obviously was telling us we should not go to Grafton. We drove back along the Pacific Highway – the main route from Sydney to Brisbane. My God this is a busy road and it’s full of people rushing to get somewhere. It was definitely a wake-up call for me after the easy driving – relatively – we had done up until now. We needed to chill out so decided to stop off at Emerald beach for our first swim in the Pacific for a few years. It was surprising how much warmer it was to what we have been used to and was totally refreshing. You surfer boys would be pleased to know there were some good waves too. After lunch back at the site we headed off to Coffs and a walk on the jetty. We also stopped off in the Coffs Harbour Hotel to have a couple of beers and it gave me a chance to catch up on the Perth test match. Sunbathing earlier in the day had the desired effect and there was a bit of colour showing now. It was certainly a lazy day and while Joy had a nana nap I pushed the kids out the way and played on the Playstation the camp provides. But just as we thought day 16 would have no dramas, the tent pole broke and we had to do some running repairs. Hopefully it will hold until we get a replacement. We are off to the big banana on day 17 and it seems there is much more to do than just get a picture. We shall find out. For those interested we have now downloaded some pictures. If you go back through days 1 to 10 there should be some to see and we will download the rest as soon as possible. Happy blogging all and good night.


One Response to “Day 16”

  1. Bill James Says:

    Hi Both,

    Haven’t been on line for a couple of days and had a nice surprise with with addition of pics. Jan and I read this together and we enjoyed the pictures very much. We’re getting ready for a cold and wet Christmas now, and you’ll be having your turkey in the sun. Fantastic. Continue to have a good journey and we look forward to further blogs and pics.

    Bill and Jan

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