Day 14

It was a chilly night in Dubbo despite temperatures yesterday reaching 36C. Perhaps it was our decision to leave the doona (that’s duvet to British readers) in the car for the night – I don’t know – but note to selves – do not leave doona in car as temperature drops quite considerably when sun goes down. Generally the campsites we have stayed at on our travels across Australia have been excellent. But this one was the first we saw with signs up warning of thieves. It just put us on edge a little. Perhaps that was another reason Joy did not sleep that well. We were going to have a look around Dubbo but decided there was little to see apart from the old gaol and the Western Plains Zoo which is similar, apparently to safari parks in the UK. We cracked on towards Tamworth. The road was a bit dodgy. It was narrow in parts and not well-maintained. Hence we could not do the speed we needed to keep on timing track. Although we really at this stage have no set time to be anywhere. We noticed how brown the grass etc was – another example of the lack of rain which falls in this area. The temperature again peaked about 36C on our trip and when we stopped at Werris Creek – called the first railway town in Oz. Interesting little place but the humidity was rising all the time and it seemed to be getting hotter. We arrived in Tamworth mid afternoon. For those who don’t know Tamworth is called the capital of country music in Australia. Country music is not really our cup of tea but it was interesting all the same to visit the exhibition called Walk the Country Mile which told the story of Aussie country music from its beginnings in the 1920s to the present day. Names like Slim Dusty and Keith Urban might ring a bell with you Brits. We then moved on to the big golden guitar. This is a 12ft high replica of the Golden Guitar which is given to award winners at the Country Music Awards of Australia. The real thing is like the Aussie country music version of the oscars. Tamworth also has a country music festival when everyone who is anyone comes to the town. Tamworth itself is a lovely little place on the edge of a range of hills and pretty. There seems to be more cloud here and maybe more rain. It certainly is a lot more humid and thunderstorms may be coming soon. Let’s hope the tent can stand up to if storms come. Tomorrow we might pop into the country music hall of fame museum – that’s if we can put up with any more country stuff. It we don’t then it will be straight on to Coffs Harbour and the big banana where we will be hopefully getting some sunbathing in. It will also mean we don;t have to put the bloody tent up or bring it down for a few days. I am fed up with banging in tent pegs. Oh well time for another slurp on the beer and then bed. Cheers!!!

Please let me know if you can see our pictures or not.


One Response to “Day 14”

  1. Lorraine Clarke Says:

    still can’t find the photos ??

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