Day 11

I hope everyone is keeping up because it’s hard to keep track of the days when out on the open road. Anyway it was a wet night in Port Campbell but luckily the sun shone early so we could dry our tent out. We set off down the Great Ocean Road again expecting for a long, hard day of viewing and walking. After refuelling we first went back to the arch, a formation we missed out on seeing yesterday, then it was on to Loch Ard Gorge, Thunder Cave and the blowhole. All were fantastic sights but were really the calm before the storm, so to speak, as we drove off in search of the 12 apostles. They are the most famous rock formations on the Great Ocean Road coastline and we were both looking forward to seeing something we had only seen in books, magazines or TV programs. But nothing could have prepared us for what we witnessed. For me it was a special moment. Something I never thought I would have seen in my lifetime. Once again I was speechless – but only for a few seconds before the words came out OH MY GOD!!! Pictures do not do the 12 apostles justice. If they are not one of the seven wonders of the natural world then they should be. Just to be there was unbelievable and I have now crossed off one of the 50 things to do before I die. Joy has taken a full card of pictures, so hopefully we can put a few on this site. However, they will not give you the feeling of power, the noise of the wind and the sheer beauty that this place conveys. Gibsons Steps was next on the list but I only got halfway as it takes you down the side of the cliff and woosy could not manage it as he to thought he would fall – although you are obviously fenced in. Joy managed it, though and got down to the beach – almost – and has the pictures to prove it. The road was getting more windy as we went along and after reaching Apollo Bay – which looks like a magnificent place to retire by the way – it became even tougher. I bravely handed the driving over to Joy. But she managed admirably to negotiate the hairpin bends and tight turns. The weather was still OK but it was decidedly chilly. It reminded me a lot of Albany in some ways. There were a couple of other pretty towns along the Great Ocean Road, such as Lorne and Torquay. But Apollo Bay stood out. We finally reached the end of the Great Ocean Road at about 6pm after a short detour to Bells Beach – one of the best surf beaches in the world – to watch the surfers in action. We were planning to stay in Geelong for one night. But one camp site was full and another wanted to charge us $45 for one night’s stay. Too much, we said, and we headed off to Ballarat in the Victorian goldfields. We arrived at a cracking little site with just enough daylight to set up camp before having spag bol for dinner. There are a few things to see first thing so it will be up early tomorrow before making tracks to Griffith, NSW – our fourth State. It’s been a tiring and memorable day. One I shall remember for many years. As I said, you have to see the Great Ocean Road and all that it offers, to believe it


all pics from the great ocean road


One Response to “Day 11”

  1. Lorraine Clarke Says:

    Oh My God you let Mammy drive !!!!!!! and hey your not a wimp ( he he he he he ) your just a little afraid of the height/cliff edge danger thing but its ok I still sleep with tiger to help me sleep and im 33 (well 21 really ) see you soon xxxxxxxx

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