Day nine

Woke early again today to better but chillier weather. I can’t believe I spent four days in Adelaide and missed out on a test match that lasted five days and a good one at that. I must have some big Brownie points now me thinks. We packed up camp and in the process I managed to lose the car key. It was a long and fruitless search which included a rummage through a large wheelie bin of rubbish. It is a mystery of life where that key is now but we had to drive off using our spare one, which Joy luckily had in her handbag. The car parts were ready and the car was fixed in half an hour. We thought we might be able to get a new key cut at the Suzuki dealer but unfortunately it needs to be coded. Somewhere that key will turn up. When or where i don’t know but watch this space. The only key we have is now firmly under the watchful eye of Joy – lose that one and we will be in trouble. The plan was to reach Mount Gambier which is south of Adelaide by the end of the day. We left Adelaide at around 11am and set off on the M1 road which eventually ends up in Melbourne. Joy had been rattling on about a pioneer village she thought was called Tailor Town but none of the tourist information places in the city had heard of such a place. That’s probably because it is called Old Tailem Town near the town of Tailem Bend. It is and old pioneer town which has been rebuilt at this site. There are houses from the olden days and a church and butchers and so on. In fact, it is a complete village and is something that has to be seen. If anyone ventures to South Australia they have to visit Old Tailem Town. Words cannot describe how fascinating a place it is. We could have spent all day there. In fact, we were there for about two hours, so our plans changed a little and we decided to take the coast road and settle down in Beachport for the night. We stopped off to see the giant lobster in Kingston SE – that’s like the galah but this time a lobster – you get the picture.

the big lobster

 A quick couple of photos later we were on the road again. The countryside in this part of SA reminded us of the Gower in South Wales. South Australia certainly has a lot going for it. But one thing we have noticed it does get a little chilly at sundown. We set up tent just before that and were certainly glad to put on a layer or two. The campsite is a stone’s throw from the beach, in fact, I can hear the waves crashing on the foreshore as I write this blog, very soothing ha ha ha. We should reach the Great Ocean Road tomorrow after a brief visit to Lake George which is close by to Beachport. Apparently it’s a salt lake similar to the Dead Sea and you can float as easy as pie. We shall see in the morning. So until then cheerio.


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