Day 8

After a week of dry weather, day eight started extremely damp. Adelaide put on a thunderstorm gale-force winds and torrential rain – according to the news reports 5ml fell in the city alone. But thankfully our super little tent survived the battering ion one piece. We did too – just – but got a little wet saving all the stuff from the storm and loading it into the car. The only things to get wet were us, our gas stoves and, ironically, a towel we left out to dry. The birds were not as noisy as the previous two mornings but the rain hammering down on to the tent was enough to wake us, although we did have a little lie in. With a few hours to spare we headed into the city to sample the Central Markets. Another big tick for Adelaide. Fruit and veggie stalls, cheese shops, food courts. You name it they’ve got it here. There are even shops dedicated solely to yoghurt and the humble mushroom. We found a cafe and treated ourselves to breakfast. The sign said all day breakfast. Perhaps because it took us all day to get served!!! Apparently the cook missed our order and we had to start all over again. We waited a bit longer but I have to say it was worth the wait and we got an extra cup of tea (free) because of the delays. With full stomachs but aching feet we treated ourselves to a Chinese massage. We chose the AOK ION reflexology massage. This involves having a foot bath which apparently cleanses all the crap from your body and then reflexology – in other words a posh foot massage. Neither of the Chinese masseurs spoke English but I am sure I heard one of them say you take the big bloke with the bad feet and I’ll have the woman!!! About half an hour later after both feet and legs were battered by our Chinese torturers, we walked – or was that limped – out a bit light on our feet and certainly light in the pocket. Whether it worked we will have to wait and see. Got some news on the car about 1.30pm but not good news. The parts were supposed to arrive to fix the chargers but apparently the driver did turn up. We thought he was coming from Melbourne or somewhere like that. But know he was just bringing them from a northern suburb of Adelaide and just did not turn up. Hopefully the parts will be there on Wednesday (tomorrow) as we are heading off towards the Great Ocean Road.

This for me will be the highlight of the trip, apart from, of course, our reunion with Lorraine, Graham and the kids when we get to Brissie. I have to say Adelaide has been great and I think Joy has found a new home. For future reference the new mailing address is Harris Scarfe Department Store, Rundle Mall, Adelaide!!!! Seriously though we liked Adelaide a lot. The city is easy to get around and although there is a lot of traffic it seems to move reasonably well. A lot of the scenery reminds us of the UK. In fact, we were driving through a leafy suburb today and it reminded me of some of the roads in Surrey. For supposedly the driest state in Australia, SA is surprisingly green and pretty. We are off towards Mt Gambier or Warrnambool tomorrow whatever happens with the car. So will be back somewhere near or in Victoria tomorrow. By the way if you are reading this please make some comments. I want to know how good I am!!! See ya later.


2 Responses to “Day 8”

  1. Dean Hughes Says:

    its a great read mush, keep up the good work. ave a look for the winch wen flag in the 4th sa v eng test in jo’burg 14th jan.

  2. willo Says:


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