Day 7

I cannot believe that today is the 7th day of our road trip. Once again we were up with the larks or should I say lorikeets – noisy bastards. Just as Joy said they were not as bad as the day before, they stepped up a notch and it was time to get up and at em again. Our plan was to find a Suzuki dealer to hopefully fix the problem with the chargers. And with the help of my two favourite women – Joy and Kate – we found one in Adelaide. Inside two hours they diagnosed the sockets were the problem and the parts will arrive on Tuesday and the problem will be solved in the afternoon. While the car was in the garage Joy went for some more retail therapy while I sipped on a beautiful cup of coffee – not as good as Chris Saurin’s (ha bloody ha) and read the Advertiser (the Adelaide variety). With the car back on the road at 11 we headed up the M1 to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. It is, I believe, the oldest German town in SA, and it is like rolling back the clock. Hahndorf is olde world charm with a modern-day outlook and it is a great place. One of the highlights of the trip so far was sipping on an ice-cold Stein of beer outside the German Arms Hotel – luxury. 

a beer in Hahndorf

After walking into almost every shop on Main Street, we headed to a winery for a wine taste and settled on a beautiful chardonnay which we shall get into on our last night in Adelaide tomorrow. There are plenty of super little towns in the Hills and it was off to the Melba chocolate factory next just outside Woodside. Mmmmmmmm chocolate. Gumachera was next and the toy factory. They also have a giant rocking horse there as is the wont in Australia – they seem to have a penchant for building big things.

the big rocking horse

 Hopefully we will see a few more on our trip. The weather wasn’t too good today and a few spots of rain forced us inside to the National Motor Museum at Birdwood. Now, this is a place not to be missed. I kid you not it was like a car factory in England in the 1970s – hundreds of cars but no-one working on them. We could have stayed all day but unfortunately we left it late and only got an hour in this super museum. There wasn’t just cars but hundreds of bikes too and some vehicles came with a great story. We will just have to go back again – that’s all. We will aim to go to the central markets tomorrow before getting the car fixed. Then we set off for the Great Ocean Road. Well the mossies are biting again and Joy has just got back from doing the washing – and I was going to do that!!! Will be back tomorrow.


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