Day 6

Our sleep was interrupted again this morning but unfortunately we could do nothing about it. This time sleepus interruptis was caused by hundreds of lorikeets in what could only be described as a dawn chorus to end all dawn choruses. When there are only one or two they are adorable, beautifully coloured little parrots. But when there are hundreds they are noisy, pesky and annoying buggers which screech their lungs out when dawn breaks. So having been awoken early, we set off for Glenelg which is to Adelaide what Fremantle is to Perth. Coffee strips, a beach and the beautiful people and all at 7.30am. Our intention was to park the car up and get the tram into the city. But trust us to pick the day when the tram line was getting essential repairs. Unbowed we got the substitute bus to Rundle Mall and Joy got to shop, shop, shop. There are many pros and cons about city life and one of the biggest pros is shops open on a Sunday. The biggest con is the traffic but Adelaide is superbly laid out and easy to get around especially with the help of our beloved Kate. I was thinking about doing the blog inside the tent tonight as last night after sampling the Great Australian Bight earlier in the week I got a taste of the Great Australian Bite!!! Or rather they got a taste of me. Mosquito bites flashed brightly on both feet as they were the only parts of the body exposed as the temperature drops quite a bit at nights here. Adelaide put on a ripper of a day but this morning we woke to a big dew. And, like I said, it gets cool in the nights. I still haven’t persuaded Joy to let me go to the cricket yet, despite her fantastic day at the shops. I live in hope as it looks like it could be a good finish. It was great not to have to drive 100s of km today. But the downside was my feet took a bashing after pounding the pavements up and down Rundle Mall and surrounds. New sandals were probably not the best idea today and I am suffering a little now. Whingeing Pom strikes again. Talking of whingeing Poms we went to the migration museum this afternoon. A fascinating insight into not only the 10 pound poms but the Stolen Generation, child migration and the White Australia policy. It certainly was not easy for the migrants from yesteryear. To ease our weary bones after day in the city, we came back and had a dip in the camp pool and it was beautiful. Hopefully this will not be the last time we will be in a pool this summer – you cannot beat it.

The mossies are out again tonight and I have just discovered that wearing socks does not protect you from these flying bloodsuckers. A lesson learned, which sadly cannot be said about leaving things under trees. Our towel-covered fridge was awash with bird poo this morning. Anyway as my feet cannot stand another battering, I am off to the land of Bedfordshire (that’s sleep to all you Aussies). There is nothing under the tree and all the other stuff is covered just in case of the big dew. I will love you and leave you and hopefully the birds will have a lie in tomorrow. Somehow I doubt it. I have uploaded some pictures today too, so take a look. They can be viewed on here if you go to media.


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