Day 5

Thankfully after the nightmare night in Ceduna we slept like babies in Port Augusta and nobody spat the dummy. We were intending to set off early for Adelaide but we slept so soundly it was 7am before we surfaced and we were not on the road until just after 9. Thankfully the price of petrol is back to  normal and after refueling and clearing a massive amount of bird poo off the front windscreen – who was the clever one who parked under a tree – we set off with the Flinders Ranges giving us a magnificent backdrop as we headed south. I had been told by my old mate Warwick the drive from Port Augusta to Adelaide was as boring as bat shit. But for the first few kms I did not believe him (not for the first time). But after an hour or so, his words were ringing true and even Joy preferred the giggling of Kerry O’Keeffe and Glenn Mitchell on the ABC cricket commentary of the second test between Aussies and West Indies to the mostly boring scenery. There were some parts before Port Wakefield which reminded us of English countryside, but generally it was as Warwick described it. Kate had been almost redundant for the past couple of days but she came back in style as we approached the city of churches. Adelaide is not a sprawling metropolis – far from it – however, without the lovely Kate, we would have been lost – quite literally. Just tap in an address she will find it – not like your average woman – that’s a joke obviously!!! To be frank, though if it had been up to me Joy and a map we would have been divorced before you could say Adelaide let alone get there. We found a beautiful campsite thanks to Kate and Joy.

the tent site in Adelaide

This one even has grass tent sites – oh bliss – no more breaking your wrist trying to hammer in tent pegs. And after setting up camp in record time we headed for the city, obviously with Kate’s help and joy of joy we were in Rundle Mall in next to no time. I did suggest that I could go and watch the cricket while Joy went shopping, but the look I got was akin to facing a bouncer from Mitchell Johnson at full pelt. I did manage to buy some thongs (remember you Brits they are flip-flops) and sandals, while Joy also got some sandals, so all was not lost. We sipped on a beer before driving off to Cuddlee Creek up in the Adelaide Hills. That was a place which holds fond memories for me and my brother-in-law Mike. It was where he and his family used to live and was also where we got blind drunk a few years back. The drive up to Cuddlee Creek – what a great name that is – is not for the faint-hearted. Even I had my eyes closed on some of the hairpin bends and I was driving!!! We managed to reach Cuddlee Creek despite a couple of near misses with cars hurtling down the winding Gorge Road and came back down a slightly less daunting way before heading back for camp for some tea and a glass of wine. Tonight it was a chenin blanc from Margaret River – good old WA!!!  We are in Adelaide until Tuesday so hopefully Kate can keep us in check and we will see plenty of sights. Until tomorrow sleep tight. I know we will we are surrounded by families – oh no is that a baby I can hear crying!!! Sweet dreams.

the blog 'office' in Adelaide


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