Day four

I shall start day four earlier than expected and you will see why!!! After having a couple of beers and wines to celebrate finishing our Nullarbor trek, we settled down for what we expected to be a deep sleep dreaming of emptiness and roads and dangerous cliffs. But our slumber was rudely awoken at about 2am by these drunken idiots who were camping near us. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant some people can be. And this night was no different. Two Swedish girls were being chatted up by a couple of German blokes – I think they were German anyway. Whatever nationality they were does not really matter. They were just rude, noisy and keeping me awake. Bravely or stupidly some might say I unzipped our perfectly cosy tent to confront these tools. I just said to them I had driven halfway across Australia and would like to get some sleep and would they keep the noise down. One of the blokes said they would keep it down while the other, who would not have been out-of-place in WWE wrestling ring, made some smart comment. I slinked off back to the tent thinking to myself how brave I had been and that would be that. But an hour later the dickhead who made the smart comment decided he would do the dishes. This was just too much for me. And pushing my chest out and raising myself up to my full height of 5ft 6in – maybe – I uttered the immortal words “are you taking the piss” to which the reply from the Goliath just across the camping ground was “what’s your f****ing problem”. With that I thought I would calm things down by rushing to the toilet but I was shocked to see my combatant in hot pursuit. “Shit, he’s going to kick my head in,” I thought. Thankfully another camper decided to have a pee at the same time and his presence sent my enemy packing. A few minutes later when I though the coast was clear I made it back to the tent. Joy had already written my obituary, I think. But thankfully that was the end of the excitement but not the end of the noise – as the bastard and his mate decided snoring loudly would round the night off.

the nullarbor (or part of it)

Day four continued

After the trials and tribulations of the night we thought it best if we just got out of the campsite ASAP. So we beat a hasty retreat as sleeping beauty smashed out some more snores opposite. We went down to the beach for breakfast and contemplated all that had gone on. All in all we had had a great first three days and day four was going to be just as good even if we had started off on a sour note. Our first port of call was the tourist information centre where we got a certificate to say we had crossed the Nullarbor and also bought the obligatory car sticker. To some just driving and sleeping and looking at miles and miles of emptiness would be boring, but both of us enjoyed every minute of the journey. One thing we didn’t enjoy, mind you, was the price of petrol. Crossing the Nullarbor we spent $288 on petrol in two days, with prices at the pumps ranging from $1.61 to $1.69.

on the beach at ceduna the morning after the night before

It was good to see the price had dropped to $1.28. We were back in civilisation and after a brief stop in beautiful Streaky Bay for breakfast, we set off for Port Augusta. Both of us were obviously tired, so we took it easy on the narrow roads.

the big galah in Kimba (and Joy)

We stopped off in Kimba to take a picture of the big Galah in the place that is geographically halfway across Australia. We lunched in Kimba too with our friendly neighbourhood bush flies and got back on the road mid-afternoon.

the sign at Iron Knob

After stopping to take a picture of the sign at Iron Knob – what is it with us men and names – we tootled into Port Augusta at about 5pm. Kate, who had been a little quite across the Nullarbor, guided us into the town centre where we stocked up on supplies and stumbled across the Port Augusta Christmas pageant. For a town of 13,000 people it was impressive pageant and what was even more impressive and got Joy’s vote, was the BIG W in town. Shame on you Albany!!! Anyway it’s time to go. Hopefully we will have a better night tonight. We will let you know on day five when Adelaide is our port of call. Cheers for now.


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