Day one

the dillons ready for departure on day one

Tuesday December 1, 2009:  Today’s the day – the start of the big adventure. Joy – that’s my lovely wife for the uninitiated – finally left our home in Boronia Ave Albany at around 10.30am. The night before we had said to friends we were aiming to set out at 6am!! All best laid plans and all that!!! The final clean of the house and packing of the car took longer than expected well certainly longer than I expected anyway. We drove off expecting to be in Esperance at about 3.50pm – that was according to our new friend Kate – the sat nav to all you readers. But Kate did not take in to account the little detour to Woolworths to drop off some unwanted clothes into the charity bin and our first repack of the car for the day. Twenty minutes later and we set off again with Kate’s ETA now renavigated at 4.20pm. The drive on the South Coast Highway between Albany is pretty boring at the best of times so it is tough not to get drowsy – not the best-case scenario when you are driving a powerful v6 4wd packed to the rafters with your life ‘s possessions. So after another short roadside stop with some friendly neighbourhood flies, we were on our way again. Kate was obviously getting pissed off with all these unscheduled stops and I am sure I detected some disdain in her voice when she gave a later estimated time of arrival in Esperance. Passing through Ravensthorpe both Joy and I noticed how roads had been wider in anticipation of the higher number of vehicles expected in the town because of the new mine. It was quite sad to see what the mine’s closure had done for the area. The next part of the journey was a bit of a blur as Joy took the wheel and I chucked out a few Zs. But I am pretty sure the scenery did not change much – just miles and miles of nothing with the odd grain silo dotted here and there just to break the monotony. Arrived in beautiful and sunny Esperance at 4.20pm as Kate suggested – clever girl. Bought some food supplies and booked in at Pink Lake Caravan Park. It was our first real go at putting our new tent up, although we’d had a quick practice a couple of days previous. The tents these days are a far cry from when I used to go camping back in Devon in South West England back in the 1970s. All I remember about those barmy (correct) days were the arguements between me and my sisters about what went where as far as tent poles and guy ropes went. These days you just slip the elasticated poles into place, tie down the guy ropes and bob’s your uncle, although Joy did proceed to trip over the same guy rope about 10 times in between repacking the car for a third time. Spaghetti bolognese was the chosen meal for day one and now it’s time for a shower and time for bed. Who knows what driving delights day two of the big adventure will bring. Be back tomorrow for the next big instalment.

the packed car after a repack - more would follow


3 Responses to “Day one”

  1. Iven Says:

    Inspiring stuff mate.

  2. Lozza Says:

    Alzheimers WA are looking for a Father Chrissy this Saturday.Are you able to grab a riendeer and get back here by Saturday??????

  3. Bill James Says:

    Hi Both,
    It seems to me that you are having a high old time, what an adventure. I really, really REALLY wish I could be with you. Beats the washing and ironing any day.
    The blog is a great idea Phil and I shall follow your journey with great interest. I have no idea where any of these places are but I shall trace you with google maps. In case you are not anywhere to get our card
    Have a safe journey and watch out for the bugs.

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